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About Us


Anyponno; was established in 2019 to import products from Turkey and to wholesale and retail to Bangladeshi consumers. We ensure the best quality products by directly importing from our foreign producer. It has established an e-commerce website(anyponno.com) since 2020 so that all consumers can easily parch the products from Anyponno. In a short time, it expanded its sales and marketing network with its professional experience,

As one of the importers of Bangladesh, Anyponno is appreciated by all. Anyponno has already earned a special reputation for importing premium quality products from Turkey and other countries. Anyponno doesn’t compromise the quality and purity of products. Some of the main products of our importing are: Natural dry figs, Extra Virgin Olive oil, carpets, prayer mats, baby diaper, chocolates, the demand for these products in Bangladesh is increasing incredibly day by day. We always have the spirit of special cooperation for those who are interested in doing business with us. Anyponno Global Business (Pvt) Ltd is offering special opportunities for those who want to trade in other imported products in any range, big or small.

Ensuring a year-round supply of premium quality products directly from supplier countries like Turkey, Turkey is one of the best quality products producing countries in the world. Involve ourselves in increasing the country's revenue by exporting consumer and agricultural products from Bangladesh to these countries.

Ensuring the most premium goods mainly for the consumers of Bangladesh. Ensure a supply of imported products. Arranging home delivery with our delivery management to customers. We have specialized business support for wholesalers and retailers. A dedicated support team is always there to help all customers.